Technical & Security

Supported Web Browsers

Following are the web browsers that we currently support and recommend,

  • Chrome version 76
  • Firefox version 68

Our application is not optimized for usage on mobile devices and hence related browsers are not supported. However, we will be rolling out a new version of the application soon for supporting usage on mobile devices.

System Requirements

Screen Resolution : 1280×1024
Internet Connection Speed : ISDN, DSL, T1, T3 or higher
JavaScript : Enabled
Cookies : Accept all cookies
Pop-up / Phishing Blockers : Disabled or set to Allow Aapryl site

Unsupported Web Browsers

Older browsers no longer receive security updates and may not be compatible with the latest web standards. In keeping with those standards, we update our software to keep pace and do not support older, out-dated versions. Please use a recommended, up-to-date browser to ensure the fastest and most secure experience online as well as within our application.

  • All other browsers